We are a blueberry and u pick farm with over 56 acres of land to grow delicious fruits and vegetables. We started in 1996 as a commercial blueberry farm but we are now morphing into a u pick operation that will have as  many different types of fruits and vegetable imaginable.We are building a boutique winery on the farm where our fresh fruit is transformed into wonderful tasting  wines. Our tasting room is now under construction and we hope to announce its opening before the end of the year.


How We Grow:
We do not spray pesticides without reason and use the softest thing possible to avoid damage to our bee hives and the environment. We use Integrated Pest Management a system that consists of scouting daily to look for problems, identifing the problem, determining if it will cause significant impact on the crop and then we chose the appropriate product to control the problem. We start with products that would be allowed in Organic production and then step up to stronger stuff needed. We do not use neonics or GMO's on our farm